We aim to improve the quality of life of ex-offenders, facilitate change and assist them in realizing their self-worth. We will work with them whilst in prison, help them find their sense of belonging in society thereby combating stigma & barriers built by societal prejudice.


We focus on reducing re-offending by working with offenders and ex-offenders in providing accommodation, training & employment. Our aim is to build their self-worth & self-esteem especially post-release through the assessment & management of risk, also encouraging strong family connection and positive relationship ties.


  • Create opportunities and celebrate success
  • Value and instill individualism
  • Put people first by providing an individually bespoke service, tailored to each of our service user’s needs
  • Maintain empathy, genuineness and be non-judgmental at all times
  • Promote ambition, hope and self-belief


We work with many people in helping them get the right skills, gain qualifications and boost the confidence they need to get back into work and maintain a normal lifestyle


Our accommodation and floating support is important in providing stability for ex-offenders to move on from criminal habits.


We have established strong connections and links with employers and job agencies who are willing to work with us in providing training and employment tailored for each individual.