Who we are

We support young people in attaining accommodation and offer training and employment for them. We also provide services to ex-offenders to ensure they obtain proper rehabilitation and have an easier transition to society and the community


Our purpose is to contribute to advancing the quality of life for all of our service users


Our objective is to

  • Build in the skills of young people
  • Increase opportunities for young people to secure better jobs
  • To guide the young people to impact society and community in a positive manner
  • To promote the independence of our service users so that they can be self-sustainable

 We focus on person-centred care aligned to our service users’ needs.

our values


We are a responsible company who are accountable to our clients.


We are open minded and we welcome people from different backgrounds.


We hire staff that offer good quality service which is person centred.


We are an ethical company who seek to be consistent in delivering the supported living service.


We are a professional company ensuring that we deliver services in a satisfactory manner.


We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.