Our objective is to provide each client with an individualised plan for personal growth. We avoid generalisations since we believe that each person is unique; therefore, we look at their unique characteristics and areas for growth. We hope they will inspire others in the same way that we have inspired them. Additionally, we are cooperating with other organisations in neighbouring counties to ensure that the service user’s wellbeing is prioritised.

Positive outcomes primarily provides a holistic approach to mental health care in an effort to redress the imbalance that some young people may experience as a result of discrimination and, at times, racism and negative stereotyping of sexuality, which are unfortunately a reality for many young people today.

Positive outcome group serves individuals who are pursuing independence and may have mental health challenges, dual diagnoses, self-harming, challenging behaviours, and other behavioural and emotional difficulties.​​

The Team – Meet our family

Lisa, the CEO and manager of Positive outcome support is a mental health nurse with 10+ years’ experience working within a multi-disciplinary team as well as often working within a multi-agency team in an integrated way to provide the most effective care. Lisa has worked in various areas of the mental health sector. Her care for experience in the prison sector led to her acquiring a tender to educate, accommodate and support ex-offenders.

The co-managing directors consist of her two daughters Natasha a community Mental health Occupational therapist and care Co-Ordinator and Zine a social worker with 9 years’ experience.

Natasha is responsible for the delivery and quality of care within the company.

“I have a child who is Autistic, I know the value of an individual rising to their full potential, feeling loved and having adequate access to the services needed to overcome barriers. I worked with muti-disciplinary team to ensure that her needs were met. I never want my little girl to feel like she doesn’t belong because of a condition. She is truly a mirror of what we do here at positive outcome support.  I want to ensure that every person we provide care to, loves being here, and feels supported by us, feels part of our “family” and is able to achieve their full potential. I enjoy spending time in every one of our services, listening to the people we support and ensuring their needs are being met in the most person-centred ways. I have been proud to see many of the people we have supported, moving onto more independent living in the same way I have been proud to see service users with the most complex of behaviours, living purposeful lives in their potential”

Who we are


Our purpose is to contribute to advancing the quality of life for all of our service users.

Our objective is to

  • Build in the skills of young people
  • Increase opportunities for young people to secure better jobs
  • To guide the young people to impact society and community in a positive manner
  • To promote the independence of our service users so that they can be self-sustainable

 We focus on person-centred care aligned to our service users’ needs.



We are a responsible company who are accountable to our clients.


We are open-minded, and we welcome people from different backgrounds.


We hire staff that offer good quality service which is person-centred.


We are an ethical company that seeks to be consistent in delivering the supported living service.


We are a professional company ensuring that we sufficiently deliver services.


We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.