welcome to positive outcomes support LIMITED (LTD)

We are a supported living organisation that offers accommodation, employment, education and training services.

Our Support

We focus on supporting young people and adults to live a better quality of life in their homes and communities. We have skilled and well-trained staff capable of dealing with crisis intervention, prevention and management. We provide tailor-made support based on a full assessment of needs and a risk management plan. We are available 24/7 to meet all your needs.

Our Supported living for young people Aged 8-18.

Positive outcome support is committed to ensure people are not just cared for but cared about. We adopt to the needs of the individual and the sector. We offer a client centred approach to develop practical daily living skills for young people to be self-efficient and takes into consideration clients views, as well as a holistic approach will allows the us to focus on strengths and resources. The framework used allows us to understand person and guides course of action. The framework used by positive outcomes support provides knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to understand how to analyse, intervene and evaluate clients in relation to their roles and ability to ensure a positive outcome in life.

Positive outcome support is dedicated to support health and well-being in young people through informed choices to transition into adulthood by empowering their choices and enabling young people to participate in everyday life. We pride ourselves on   modifying their environment to better support their engagement.

Every individual is treated with kindness and respect.

Positive outcome Support has a Vision to provide children and young adults with safety and to respond proportionately to reduce Risk, build their resilience and support them to be healthy. When intervention is necessary we will offer evidence based (PBS) positive behavioural therapies provided by our in-house workforce. Alongside this plan we ensure that our staff have comprehensive developments in training which is up to date ( in line with continued professional development Policies). Our workforce is our greatest asset, the team consists of Experienced Social workers in children services, Psychologists, psych therapist with experience working in adolescent and complex needs, mental health nurses and Occupational therapist, Health care assistants, with good communication skills and MAPPA training.

Positive outcome support is a multi-cultural diversity organisation which is focusing on bringing positive change to individuals in need.

Our Homes

Our homes are safe and secure; supported by skilled and trained staff.  We adapt to each individual in creating a safe environment, ensuring young people develop skills to live with less support.


Ex- Offenders

Positive Outcomes Support aims to provide social support to our service users by assisting them in improving their skills and gaining confidence to work and meet their short-term and long-term ambitions. Every part of the support we provide to our service users is specific to each individual.

What we offer?

  • ¬†Accommodation
  • Training and Education
  • Employment
  • Care and support
  • Counselling

Positive outcomes support provides supportive living 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for young people aged 8-18 who are leaving care or are at risk of child sexual exploitation, repeat offending, self-harm, drug and alcohol misuse, as well as mental and behavioural problems.We assist young people in overcoming barriers in life, belief in the ability to enhance life and raise to preform to their full potential, pursuing their ambitions and maintaining a healthy internal condition.

We operate in collaboration with local authorities in the United Kingdom to assist young people who wish to live independently. Our mission is to assist young people in transitioning to independent living within their communities.We promote diversity and work to educate people associated with Positive outcomes, both clients and employees, about the importance of recognising and appreciating their individuality. By offering and demonstrating positive role models, we want to persuade individuals to recognise and value their unique abilities, interests, and personal characteristics.

Additionally, we recognise that each people’s needs will vary, which is why all of our help is customised for each individual, ensuring that they can grow and develop in the manner that is best for them.